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Cata - Lurker Extraordinaire
When? 2006-10-20 07:58
About? Cata-...whattheheck?
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Today, we feel :Hesitant
BGM :The Rakes - 22 Grand Job
Sooo, what does Cataglottisme means?

The thing is, if you launch a Google Party, you're likely to find... Nothing, for cataglottisme. But chances are you'll get a nice "Did you mean: cataglottism ? "  
So, cataglottism? Cataglottism is, more or less, a pedantic and complicated word for "French Kissing".
( I especially like the following description : "You see, cataglottism is one of those weird and unnecessarily dull words used to describe much more fun activities.") 

Now, this person seems to have found a little bit more, but really he/she should have left glottis to tongue indeed, and not have gone down the "throat" path. (no pun intended.)

This leads us to the meaning of cataglottisme, with an 'e'. (Dun dun DUN!)
It's a French word. (ack! damnation!)
CATAGLOTTISME (ka-ta-glo-tti-sm') s. m. Etym: Greek kata, around, and glôssa, tongue. It's an old, literature related word. Basically, it means talking (or indeed, writing) with a lot of complicated words, in a very convoluted style. Quite pompous, in fact.

To put it simply, cataglottism is a cataglottisme for French Kissing.
When I discovered that, I completely fell in love with the concept. Because things are always like that. There's always more than what meets the eye. There's always a good reason for what may look strange or unnatural.

And oddly, it's a good sum-up for me. The whole "weird, unnecessarily dull, convoluted and pompous". But with a "Think Again" edge. (Or not. You take your pick.)

This girl from work, looks alright
But the lights are too bright
Bloke in sales likes her too
What am I supposed to do?
But he's earning 28
And I'm on 22

It's alright, it's alright
In the city it's alright

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Cata - Lurker Extraordinaire
When? 2006-09-18 00:23
About? So... Here we are.
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Today, we feel :Actually, Accomplished.
BGM :No Tomorrow ; Orson
So. Why post now?
While 'Because I'm bored' is a good-enough reason, there's bound to be other ones. Let's see :
*Because it's been two months since I last posted.
*Because I ran out of House MD eps to watch (and DeadWood, and Dead Like Me, and Psych...),
*Because I'm going through another "Lurk less! Do something!" crisis. I'm pretty sure it's going to end quickly tho, so I'm not panicking. Yet.
*Because I finished GRRMartin's books (and Glen Cook's, and Robin Hobb's. And Pullman's. And Paul Doherty's too.) in a couple of weeks, because I spent the last two months in a fanfic-induced haze...
Speaking of which, I wonder if I will ever give up on fics, and stop bother searching for that famous 0.01% of greatness hidden in the 99,9% of fanwank.
I think not, because (1)I kind of like the 'Needle in the haystack" challenge, and
(2) What do you think happens when you finally stumble upon authors like bk11, mooyoo, gravidy, halfshellvenus, ysabetsvilleficrecspir8fancieror ickaimp? Well, I'll tell you what happens. You forget the crapload of Mary-Sues, Canon-rape and Teen Pr0n you had to go through, and you bask in beatitude, surrounded by In-Depth Characterization, originality, creativity, genius, human touches, and magic. And Humor.
That's worth every minute spent looking for them, IMHO.
But I'm getting side-tracked here, so let's get down to business.

Ahmm, just look at me, silly me, I'm as happy as can be, I've got a girl who thinks I rock!

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Cata - Lurker Extraordinaire
When? 2006-07-15 14:53
About? (no subject)
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Today, we feel :Well, yes, apathetic indeed.
BGM :Supertramp : Breakfast in America
' Am still pondering about this.

I already know I'm not going to post much...

I'm a lurker at heart. If I left a comment on your LJ, you can be sure I spent hours on it. Pondering. ("To post, or not to post?" )
It's due to a bad mix of pronounced laziness, fear of involvement, and strange self-esteem (or lack thereof. But that doesn't bother me at all, I'm pretty much happy with my lousy self).
I think I post 7 or 8% of the comments I write.
Heh, I'm shallow like that.


I´m a winner, I´m a sinner
Do you want my autograph
I´m a loser what a joker
I´m playing my jokes upon you
While there´s nothing better to do
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