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So... Here we are. - Cataglottisme
Lurker Extraordinaire.
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Cata - Lurker Extraordinaire
When? 2006-09-18 00:23
About? So... Here we are.
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Today, we feel :Actually, Accomplished.
BGM :No Tomorrow ; Orson
So. Why post now?
While 'Because I'm bored' is a good-enough reason, there's bound to be other ones. Let's see :
*Because it's been two months since I last posted.
*Because I ran out of House MD eps to watch (and DeadWood, and Dead Like Me, and Psych...),
*Because I'm going through another "Lurk less! Do something!" crisis. I'm pretty sure it's going to end quickly tho, so I'm not panicking. Yet.
*Because I finished GRRMartin's books (and Glen Cook's, and Robin Hobb's. And Pullman's. And Paul Doherty's too.) in a couple of weeks, because I spent the last two months in a fanfic-induced haze...
Speaking of which, I wonder if I will ever give up on fics, and stop bother searching for that famous 0.01% of greatness hidden in the 99,9% of fanwank.
I think not, because (1)I kind of like the 'Needle in the haystack" challenge, and
(2) What do you think happens when you finally stumble upon authors like bk11, mooyoo, gravidy, halfshellvenus, ysabetsvilleficrecspir8fancieror ickaimp? Well, I'll tell you what happens. You forget the crapload of Mary-Sues, Canon-rape and Teen Pr0n you had to go through, and you bask in beatitude, surrounded by In-Depth Characterization, originality, creativity, genius, human touches, and magic. And Humor.
That's worth every minute spent looking for them, IMHO.
But I'm getting side-tracked here, so let's get down to business.
*Things I do : 
I lurk.
A lot. As mentioned earlier, I post 7% of the comments I write.
When I fall into a fandom I generally do it in a quite thorough way, quickly ending up knowing all the Memes, BNF, and even the odd running joke concerning that character in ep 2/ chapter 2 / book 2. I just don't post.
It's due to a bad mix of pronounced laziness, fear of involvement, and strange self-esteem. 
I write fanfics, a lot. I just don't post them, because frankly? They're not good. 
If I end up writing a satisfying one one day, well, why not?

*Do Not. (Things I)* : 
Shipwars. Fanwank (scratch that. I do) . Get angry.
I tend to avoid (placate) conflicts, because really? I don't see the point. 
And I totally agree when people say I'm insufferable, because, let's face it, I AM

*Words I speak :
Brokengrammar!Engrish, Suave!French, Pottymouthed! Japanese, Hesitant!German, and I'm on my way to learn Chinese ( yeah, sure. If I stop being a lazy slob, maybe).

*Words I say ( a lot):
Eng :
You daft cow! / Hardy-har / Erm, like, whatever. / yadda, yadda, pancakes
Fr : Fais moi plaisir, et arrache toi / Blagounette? / Ooh... Il commence doucement à me faire chier, lui...
Jap : Yoroshiku ne?  / chou (dekai/omoroi/medoukusei) / karappo
Ger : Du lieber Himmel!

*Things I'd like to do: 
Lurk less, post more (as if...)
Have an outgoing personality. (No, scratch that. Grumpy me has its perks.)

Since Cataglottisme is a long and barbaric word, Cata [kata] is enough. Sounds like catastrophe, catadioptre, Kataster and kata-omoi.

*OTP ?  T-bag/Godzilla, and I'm dead serious about it. 
More seriously:
I'm a bit of a canon-whore, so as long as it's canon... I say, bring it on : incest, HoYay, Femmeslash, Het... It's canon? It's okay with me then. I'm overjoyed with Lannister Twincest, Lucius/ Narcissa positively rocks my socks, Kaito deserves Aoko more than anyone else, and I pretty much agree with the Will/Elizabeth chemistry. 
There's only one non-canon ship that I like, it's Dramione, and it's totally gravidyand bk11's fault.
I'm not a big fan of slash when it's forced upon characters that are openly het / or interested in someone of the other sex.
But you won't see me go down the warpath for those ships. I like them, because they are canon to me. You think that Draco Malfoy is whispering sweet little nothings in Professor Snape's ear when no one is looking? Be my guest. I totally respect that. I don't see how people liking it could offend me. They surely have good reasons to see them that way. As long are people are happy, I don't see the problem.

*People I'm really lucky to have:
A really good friend. We have strange bonding rituals over the Telly. (He loves it, I am hate it, and he spends a lot of time trying to lure me into the wondrous Telly World. So far, it worked with House MD, and most of Johnny Depp movies.)
More seriously, he's a very forgiving and human person. I'm not worthy. I should grovel at his his feet while bawling for forgiveness. I do not. I didn't even told him I was sorry. I don't dare.
It's been a year. He's still talking to me as if what I did was excusable. I'm not worthy, I swear.
I've got a little sister. Not blood related. But it doesn't matter to me. I want to be there for her, to look at her maturing, to see her become happy, and experience stuff. I want to be there when she'll cry over some boy's sorry arse, because it will happen one day, and I don't want her to be alone. (it happens to everyone, boys cry over girls too. It's the dynamic of things. But no one should be ALONE when it happens.)
I love them to bits. I'm the happiest person ever, to have them. X3

Ahmm, just look at me, silly me, I'm as happy as can be, I've got a girl who thinks I rock!

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