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Lurker Extraordinaire.

Cata - Lurker Extraordinaire
Lurking & Loitering near London
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The Lurker, by Mike Reed:

Lurker does not participate in normal forum discourse, but he's out there...watching, reading every message.
He is usually quite harmless, and more often than not his silence reflects a natural reticence rather than sinister motives.
If a fight breaks out he will quietly observe to avoid revealing his position.
Occasionally, however, some mysterious impulse drives him to de-lurk and attack.
This totally unexpected assault is universally regarded as an ambush, and other Warriors will turn on him savagely.
Lurker seldom sticks around to fight it out, however, and after a brief exchange, he once again slips out of sight.

  • Way too much
  • Old fashioned stories, like Alexandre Dumas, Theophile Gaultier, Tolstoï, Conan Doyle, Eiji Yoshikawa, Robert Merle...
  • Journalists works (Anna Politkovskaia, Myles Hyman, Emre Ohrun, Alessandro Gottardo, Muzo, Arkady Babchenko...)
  • Anything that's related to the Royal Navy during the Napoleonic Wars (from Patrick O'Brian to NAM Rodger)

  • To supend disbelief. Only to start thinking "But HOW does it work, actually?" two hours later.
  • To Lurk
  • New concepts
  • Creating characters background
  • Words, languages and knowledge

  • A lot of British stuff. Has a soft spot for films like Billy Elliot, Dog Soldiers and Layer Cake
  • A lot of movies that are GAWDAWFUL (The Covenant, Jumper, Riddick, Les Brigades du Tigre, The Boondock Saints, Nochnoy Dozor...) , but have something interesting. Most of the time, it's due to one character in particular.
  • Japanese B-movies and weird stuff from Takashi Miike (Sukiyaki Western Django, anyone?)

  • Shipwars.
  • Fanwank
  • To have to make decisions

  • Enough to feed one person, two cats, and buy two or three books a week.

  • Without thinking first
  • Brokengrammar!Engrish
  • Suave!French
  • Pottymouthed!Japanese
  • Suspicious!German